Booty Barre® classes


The Booty Barre® Plus

A well structured, easy to follow, 60 minute class routine.

The Booty Barre® - Plus is the original Booty Barre® experience, which alternates deep muscle-toning movements along with cardio interval segments. The method incorporates a well-balanced fusion of isometric movements that are counterbalanced with full range of motion choreography, thereby creating a program that translate into function strength and a beautiful physique. This fluid class is set to upbeat music selection of 126 bpm to get your heart pumping. No dance experience is required.

The Booty Barre® Flex & Flow

A well structured, easy to follow, 60 minute class utilizing an exercise band for efficient aerobic and strength training.

The Booty Barre® - Flex & Flow is the perfect blend of deep muscle toning with the fluidity of ballet, the flexibility of yoga, and the core strength of Pilates. The class is designed with well-balanced sequences that combine strength from isometric and full range of motion movements plus flexibility from long, sweeping dance-based exercises. The dynamic class is available for all fitness levels with rhythms to feel the fun!

Barre Body

A Total Body Strength, Stretch and Tone Workout Utilizing Pilates, Yoga & Dancer’s Conditioning Exercises

This low-impact workout slims your hips, tightens your thighs, gives you a dancer’s bootie and mobilizes your metabolism...
What else could you ask for!

Cutting - edge exercises are drawn from traditional strength training with light 3 lbs weights (optional) for toning upper body, while combining dancer’s conditioning and Pilates inspired movements with the goal of a long lean toned body.

Progressive core training and extra stretching will leave youfeeling stronger and more flexible.



Pilates Private Sessions

Single Session - $70

5 Sessions $335

10 Sessions $630


5 Package - $220

10 Package $410

Pilates Group Reformer Classes

4-5 Clients - $25

3 Clients - $30

2 Clients - $35 


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