Our Pilates Program

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Coordination, Control, Alignment, Precision, Flow of movement, & Dynamics.

All of the movements in Pilates will retain these six ideas. Pilates is a physical fitness system developed in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates. Pilates is a conditioning routine that may help build flexibility, muscle strength, and endurance in the legs, abdominals, arms, hips and back. It puts emphasis on spinal and pelvic alignnment, breathing, and developing a strong core or center, and improving coordination and balance.


Our Pilates Services

Private Pilates Instruction

Studio 66 Pilates offers private one-on-one sessions. Private instruction gives you the opportunity to work with an instructor on building the perfect fitness regimen for your individual needs.

Duet Sessions

Instruction can be scheduled with a friend or other Pilates enthusiast. Personal attention along with cost effectiveness are just a few benefits from a duet session. Duet Sessions allow you to work out with another, which can be fun, motivating, and cost effective. We recommend duets for clients who are similar in their level of Pilates experience.

Group Reformer Classes

Studio 66 Pilates group reformer classes allow only 4 clients per class.  This allows personal attention to be given to each individual to ensure proper technique.  The reformer class will be challenging, & results-driven. Training alongside fellow clients, ensures a fun & motivating session. To ensure a joyful experience to all, we do require clients to have completed a minimum of 3 private sessions at Studio 66 Pilates before enrolling in a group reformer class.

Pilates Mat Classes

Our Pilates mat classes are a fun way to work out with multiple clients. Pilates mat work is built on the foundations of the Pilates repertoire. Utilizing the body's core muscles, mat classes specifically focus attention on the flow of movement. Our Pilates mat program will build endurance, balance, and strength. Each class will leave one feeling their muscles are longer& leaner. Small Pilates accessories may also be used in our mat classes.

Pilates Parties

Call the Studio to find out more about booking a Private Party with you and your closest friends.


Pilates Private Sessions

Single Session - $70

5 Sessions $335

10 Sessions $630


5 Package - $220

10 Package $410

Pilates Group Reformer Classes

4-5 Clients - $25

3 Clients - $30

2 Clients - $35 


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Packages are non refundable

Studio 66 Pilates offers a Customer Friendly cancellation policy because at Studio 66 we know "life happens".  Studio 66 Pilates cancellation policy is 24 hours prior to your session or class.