Studio 66 Pilates Trainers

Meet all our wonderful trainers!


Debbie Balmoja

Debbie is a certified Pilates Instructor.  She gained her certification through the Pilates Technique Teacher Training Program after completing over 400 required hours. The program was based on the methods of exercise developed by Joseph Hubertus Pilates. Debbie is also a Certified bootybarre instructor & Certified POUND rockout workout Instructor. Being a former gymnast, Pilates was a natural attraction for Debbie. After her first session she quickly realized the relief it brought for her chronic neck & back pain from an old injury.  Needless to say, she was hooked. Debbie is also very active in American Karate, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Cardio Kickboxing, & Yoga. Debbie is thankful each day for having the opportunity to "Do What She Loves". Whether it is Pilates, bootybarre or POUND, she will find the appropriate workout for you & you will have a ton of fun doing it.

Brenda Prokop 

Brenda graduated with a B.S. in Physical Education with an emphasis in Exercise Science & Dance, from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. Currently, she is working on another degree from the Laguna College of Art & Design in Fine Art with an emphasis of the Human Figure. From a young age, Brenda always had a fascination of the potential and beauty of the human body on a physical and artistic level.

Brenda's love of Pilates began while studying dance. Her ballet teacher at that time first introduced her to the method. Afterwards, Brenda continued her study of Pilates receiving her first teacher training from The Ron Fletcher Studio. Her second teacher training came from Mt San Antonio College.

Brenda's experience has overlapped into many areas of fitness, dance, education, and physical therapy. She codeveloped Fitness & Health programs for San Bernadino County School District, was a IDEA (IDEA Health & Fitness) guest teacher, codeveloped & conducted workshops for fitness professionals with a physical therapist, conducted exercise tests & measurements on hundreds of individuals then developed personal programs for them. She has taught dance, dance exercise, weight & strength training, alignment/posture, yoga, & Pilates classes at studios, health clubs, college, & in home. Currently, Brenda teaches Pilates, yoga, personal trains, and researches women's weight loss resistance issues. She loves and tries to keep up with all the wonderful developments in the Fitness & Health world!

Brenda is inspired by the human body and its transforming power in the areas of fitness and art. She is excited by the individual's ability to change themselves by making healthier choices and lifestyle. She hopes to learn, inspire, and help people in their journey.

Tami Tavares PMA®CPT

Tami has been a resident of Glendora since 1998 and has immersed herself in the raising of her children and community service. She is the Founder of both The MOMS Club of Glendora East & Home School Families of So Cal. Tami is also a Sous Chef for, Loretta Vigil, Chef and Owner of Chefelle Personal Chef and Catering Services.

Tami is well versed on all Pilates apparatus and is available for private training at Studio 66 Pilates. Her favorite and main Pilates focus is on Mat Exercises. She teaches Mat Classes for City of Glendora Park & Rec & City of LaVerne Park & Rec. Her Mat sessions at Studio 66 Pilates incorporates the use of Balance Ball, Sponge Ball and the Magic Circle. Tami's love for Pilates grows from her 140 lb weight loss back in 2011. She immersed herself in Aqua Aerobics, Zumba and Pilates and credits the Pilates for getting her back in shape and back in control of her health.

Tami received her Pilates Teacher Training through POLESTAR PILATES®. She is a member of PMA® (Pilates Method Alliance) and holds Pilates Teacher Certification through both POLESTAR® & PMA®.

Kelly O’ Haney

Kelly O’ Haney is not only an educator, but a student of life. Growing up in Glendora, nestled against the backdrop of the Foothills, Kelly has always had a deep appreciation of nature and it’s affirming beauty.

With a Master’s in Education from Claremont Graduate School, Kelly has consistently incorporated her passion for exercise and health into her teaching style over the past 27 years. In addition to the rigors of teaching World History to 7th graders, Kelly brings her passion of sports into coaching as well. Recognizing the value of proper form and technique, Kelly was an ACE Certified Trainer for ten years, as well as an athlete herself. She is currently playing women’s competitive soccer and coach’s softball at the middle school level.

Her desire to continue her journey in health brought Kelly into training under Risa Sheppard in her Pilates certification program, with the Sheppard Pilates program. She is now currently a Certified Pilates Instructor. Kelly is of the belief that we can all challenge ourselves physically and find a peaceful balance in our lives through exercise.

Toni Bushey

Toni has always been interested in health and fitness, after my second child was born I really focused on getting myself back into shape by eating whole foods and exercise. I fell in love with Piyo immediately and loved how I saw my body transform. I got certified in 2015 through a Beachbody Master Trainer.


Tara Slater

Tara started doing Pilates in high school when she was 15. She was sick
and tired of feeling unhealthy and lethargic everyday, so she decided to
completely change her  lifestyle. She then swapped soda for water, frozen food
to home-cooked meals, and sweets to fruit. She started working out every
night and slowly watched her body transform in the most beautiful ways
over time. Six years later she can honestly say that this 
was the best decision she had ever made.

Tara has a background in dance that carried on from middle school
to college. Tara  learned flexibility and  training techniques as well as recovery methods
for sore muscles that she use to this day. Dance has taught her
discipline and that resting is just as important as pushing yourself
to new limits. Finding balance within her body helped her find
balance in her life, and for that she is forever grateful.

Now she uses everything she has learned from this journey to enrich her students lives through the teaching of Pop Pilates .