A cardio weight lifting class done to fun upbeat music. A full body workout that will wake up those major muscles while increasing your heart rate.

Designed to work legs, glutes, biceps, triceps, shoulders, back, chest & of course the Core! Whether it is a stronger Core, firmer booty, toned arms & legs or a good sweat, you will find it in this class. Be ready to use dumbbells, barbells, aerobic steps, & whatever surprises the instructor might have in store for you.


Pilates Private Sessions

Single Session - $70

5 Sessions $335

10 Sessions $630


5 Package - $220

10 Package $410

Pilates Group Reformer Classes

4-5 Clients - $25

3 Clients - $30

2 Clients - $35 


Share your love for the Studio 66 Pilates Studio and Receive FREE Classes! Here is the Scoop: Refer a friend - When they purchase a package, you get a reward...it's that simple!

They purchase a Private Package - You get a Single Private Session!  They purchase a Group Class Package - You Get a Single Group Class!

Packages are non refundable

Studio 66 Pilates offers a Customer Friendly cancellation policy because at Studio 66 we know "life happens".  Studio 66 Pilates cancellation policy is 24 hours prior to your session or class.