Hi Everyone, 

I would like to welcome, Heather, our newest Pilates instructor.  We are very excited to have Heather join Team Ultimate Pilates.

Heather will start out teaching 2 Beginner Pilates classes a week.  Stay tuned for an updated schedule.


Heather graduated form California State University Northridge in Spring of 2013 with a Bachelors degree in Psychology and a minor in Sustainability.  In a pursuit of happiness Heather took her first Pilates class in Fall 2013 and was immediately hooked due to the incredible benefits of Pilates.  Pilates classes provide an opportunity to learn something new about the body.  Each class leads to discovery of muscular balance, strength and rejuvenation. She is currently in her second semester of the Pilates Certification Program at Mt. Sac Community College. As a newcomer to teaching Pilates, she looks forward to sharing the amazing, methodical concepts of Pilates to beginners.

Heather loves dancing, singing and eating vegan food.